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The twenty-fifth edition of La Skieda

La Skieda comes to Livigno for the spectacular final.
From March 30, to April 6, the twenty-fourth Telemark edition will take place in Livigno! This year it will be spectacular, the event organizers assure!

What is it all about?

Telemark is an alpine skiing technique, also called "free heel skiing"; it was invented by a Norwegian skier coming from the town of Telemark. The beginning of skiing as a sport dates back to the invention of this technique that took place in ’800. Before the invention of this revolutionary way of skiing, it was very difficult to curve on high speed. The novelty introduced by a Norwegian allowed to curve easily. The idea of this new method was to attach the ski to a foot, that is only at the front part of a foot, leaving the heel free. The other difference is visible if you look at the skiing shoe: in Telemark the front part that is the only point of attachment is soft. It allows the forefoot to move with more freedom.

During La Skieda, Telemark fans and skiers from all over the world will unite in an international festival!

Livigno will be the "Last Step". It was called so to give an honor to all the skiing tracks left on the snow, to a long way that la Skieda faced on the slopes of Valtellina. The story begins twenty years ago, in the far 1995, when a little more than 100 skiers took part in the event. They didn't suspect what a marvelous tradition they were creating. One year later, the participants got multiplied, to be more precise, quadrupled; in the XX ed

"How many of you will there be this year?"

It is a challenge launched by the planners of the event that get more and more astonished at the amount of participants every year!

There will be a lot of events during this festival: a Power Ski Test, a night excursion with alpine guides, big fireworks on the background of a fantastic landscape, a new event Époque organized for the little ones, exhibition 4.0 in Plaza Placheda, a super-gadget and much more.

Another great news is the partnership of La Skieda with a famous sportswear brand. Those who subscribe before January 6, 2019, and get a ski pass for at least four days, will receive a Skieda personalized hoodie.

This twenty-fifth edition is aiming at excellence; it will be the most important event to take part in for all the ski-lovers.


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Inverno Chalet Livigno
Chalet Mottolino Livigno

In front of the cable car of Mottolino

Chalet Mottolino, recently constructed, can offer you different types of apartments. Chalet is just a stone’s throw away from the center of Livigno.

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Chalet Snowflake Livigno

New apartments in a panoramic location!

Chalet Snowflake offers its clients prestigious apartments with independent entrances and a big garden outside.

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Our chalets are next to the ski slopes

Chalet Snowflake and Chalet Mottolino are a perfect destination for an active holiday in Livigno: Snow Park, Bike Park, piste for nordic skis, cycling lanes, a pedestrian way along the river Spol are just some of the attractions that are easily reachable from our Chalet. Besides, thanks to the proximity of the central streets of the city, famous for shopping and night life, your holiday will be really unforgettable.